This American Heretic

My favorite radio program is This American Life (now available as a free podcast). The show from 11/20/06 focuses on the consequences of being a modern day heretic. Carlton Pearson is the focus of the broadcast, a well known Tulsa pastor who has fallen out of favor with his evangelical base because he has come to reject the historic perspective on hell and has embraced a form of universalism. This is worth listening to because it puts a human face on the reality of heresy. It can be easy for us to sniff out false doctrine and even treat a "heretic" as if he/she is not a real person. Heretics are generally trying to be out about the truth, want to do the right thing, but for one reason or another they have deviated from orthodoxy. My heart breaks for Pearson not only because I believe he has lost critical aspects of the Gospel, but because he is suffering so much loss as a result. Check out This American Life via iTunes.