A Big Mini Need

My friend Steve McCoy and his family have a significant need. Both of their family vehicles are, as the Germans say, "kaputt." You know, broken, out of order, not safe to drive any real distance. In the suburbs this is a real problem because nothing is within walking distance. As a pastor who has to travel in between different cities/suburbs this is a huge obstacle. I believe God will provide what my friend needs, but I also believe he may use one of my readers to do so. So here is the need Steve, his wife and four children face: a dependable mini-van. A sedan will not work for a family this size. Perhaps you are ready to trade one in and can instead donate it to a minister of the Gospel. Maybe you know someone who has a mini-van who can part with theirs. Maybe you are wealthy enough, or somehow have the resources, to simply make it happen for our brother.

If you can do something please email Steve through his blog. FYI, Steve has not asked me to share this, so your email may come as a surprise (at least until he sees this post). I was encouraged to post this by the elders at Grace.