Mission and Moonwalking

So I'm in Cape Coral Florida meeting with friends from Founders Ministries to talk about church planting. I know many of my readers do not know much about the guys at Founders, especially if you only know them via their more scholarly and theological works. But they are probably not like some of you might expect. I showed up late last night after dinner and within 15 minutes of my arrival I heard Fred Malone sing some crazy bluegrass while playing the guitar, Tom Nettles sing "Trouble" from The Music Man, Ken (Director of Music Ministries at GBC) sing and play some John Denver, and eventually witnessed Tom Ascol performing the moonwalk. Yes I'm serious, and I can testify that no beverage alcohol was present or consumed. Tom's daughters changed our direction and sang "Wonderful Counselor," and then we all wound up singing and worshiping together. It was a great time. But today a few of us spent several hours discussing church planting movements and networks, the theological foundations and missional character of such ministries, and the need to see more churches planted. It is exciting to see the passion these guys have for starting new churches that are confessionally solid while allowing room for diversity in non-essentials, and unique cultural expressions.

Well, I'm off for a prayer meeting and fellowship. Maybe tonight Tom will do the "robot."