Monday is my day off. It's a family day, a day of rest, a day for a hobby, a movie, a "special date" with my daughter, sword-fighting with my son, staying in pajamas through the morning, or just about anything we want to do. It's not that such things don't happen on other days, but Mondays leave plenty of room. I love Mondays. I need them. My kids need them. My wife needs them. My church needs them because without days like this I would burn out and be of no value to the church family. I have seen pastors who do not protect such days of rest and suffer the consequences. I have also seen churches not respect the need for such a day. Thankfully our church encourages and protects such family time. I have to go - my daughter us waiting to play cards. Oh, I also wanted to say I have not dropped the posts on the quiet time, but have been traveling and busy writing some other things offline. This week I should be able to get the next post online.