Disciple Making Help

Last week I was invited Florida to hang out with some men from Founders Ministries to discuss church planting. It was an exciting meeting and one that I hope will turn out to be fruitful in many different ways. These guys have been a big encouragement to me. They are passionate about God, his church, his word and his world. They also demonstrate authentic grace and humility and this is what makes a great pastor/theologian. They do not share the arrogance and pugnacity of the few bloggers/pastors with similar theology who perpetuate the stereotype that Reformed theologians only care about being right and are out to pick fights. One of the men I had the opportunity to get to know was Joe Nesom, and I feel I can count his as a friend. We had a few chances to talk about life and ministry, and on the last day we were able to hang out at the airport and share lunch. Joe is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Jackson, LA, and the author of Be Sure What You Believe: The Christian Faith Simply Explained.

Be Sure What Your Believe is a book I have used to disciple new converts in basic Christian theology for six years now. This book lays a great foundation that grounds people in the faith while preparing them for some of the classics. Each chapter focuses on a critical aspect of our faith and ends with helpful "Questions for discussion." Topics range from the Bible, the Trinity, the cross, Jesus as Priest, Prophet and King, justification, etc. This is solid theology in the language of the people, not the academy. I highly recommend it for use in your church in making disciples.