I've been going back over some of the classics on humility this week. Here's a quote worth meditating on.

Humility is lowliness of mind, the opposite of pride and arrogance. It belongs to the essence of experimental religion. Bates calls it "the peculiar grace of Christians, the parent and nurse of other graces, that preserves in us the light of faith and the heat of love; that procures modesty in prosperity and patience in adversity; that is the root of gratitude and obedience, and is so lovely in God's eyes, that 'He giveth grace to the humble.'" A lowly spirit is the opposite of a lofty one. True humility is an inward grace based on a view of our own guilt, weakness, vileness, ignorance, and poverty, as compared with the infinite excellence and glory of God. It is one of the most lovely of all the traits of a child of God. It is opposed to all ostentation. It not only hides other graces of the Christian from the gaze of self-admiration, but it hides itself also. Its aim is not to be thought humble, but to be humble. - William Plumer, Vital Godliness pg. 250

Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow.