Baptist ID: The Future

Steve and I were able to grab a late dinner last night with Timmy Brister and two students from Union University, Jacob and Mark. At a conference like this we wind up talking a lot about "the future of the SBC." As we sat at BW3, eating chicken wings, I asked these young men what God had been teaching them over the years while in college. As we sat across the table and listened I can say that I am encouraged. As guys like Mark and Jacob stay with us the future of our convention looks promising to me. They are sharp thinkers, serious about doctrine, culturally savvy, and have hearts for the glory of God and the good mankind. Based on my interactions with these two, and other students, Union University looks like a great place to send your children. Mark and Jacob (Don't let the somber pose fool you. These guys are a lot of fun and love their college. Here's another pic.)

I will share my thoughts on the conference as a whole when I have a chance.