I am preaching on Psalm 98 this morning and the place singing has in the Christian's life. I came across this poem by John Newton at

Sweeter sounds than music knows Charm me in Immanuel's name; All her hopes my spirit owes To his birth, and cross, and shame.

When he came, the angels sung, "Glory be to God on high;" Lord, unloose my stamm'ring tongue, Who should louder sing than I?

Did the Lord a man become, That he might the law fulfil, Bleed and suffer in my room, And canst thou, my tongue, be still?

No, I must my praises bring, Though they worthless are and weak; For should I refuse to sing, Sure the very stones would speak.

O my Saviour, Shield, and Sun, Shepherd, Brother, Husband, Friend, Ev'ry precious name in one, I will love thee without end.

- John Newton

Have a great Lord's Day.