Stetzer on Church Clones

I was going through my copy of On Mission magazine before church this morning and came across a short article by Ed Stetzer. He consistently writes good material for our pastors and churches to be digesting. I went to the On Mission website but could not find the article there to share with you. Google showed another version of it hosted somewhere else. You can read his short article, Church Clones, here.

In the Kingdom of God, cultural uniformity is not a value. Instead, Scripture speaks of, and celebrates, every tongue, tribe, and nation. The Kingdom is not a monolithic Kingdom of clones. Rather, it affirms both the individual and his or her tongue and tribe. God is honored when his churches reflect the diversity of heaven. Because of this diversity, every church, to be effective and faithful, must find its unique call and clarify its own vision.

Note to On Mission magazine: You guys put out some good stuff. It would be excellent if you would provide more of your articles on the website.

Update: I was contacted by On Mission and they explained that my post went up shortly before they made Ed's article available. It also sounds like they are working on having a stronger internet presence in the near future. Very cool. So here is a link to the article now at On Mission.