non sequiturs

I find that my favorite local restaurants are kind of, uh, dirty: stained/broken drop ceiling-tiles overhead, back-lit menus hung on the wall that no longer light up, dirty floors which would look no better after a serious mopping, floors I would never let my child crawl around on, walls in desperate need of a paint job (though it will never happen), mis-matched chairs and benches, no linen or paper on the table tops - though they are covered in a thin sticky film. They just tend to have better take out than the clean joints. Yesterday the wind slammed an exterior door shut on my son's finger successfully removing his entire finger nail.

I have never really enjoyed the song "I Stand Amazed in the Presence" (You know, "How marvelous, how wonderful, And my song shall ever be...") - until last Sunday when Jeremy led us in a new arrangement of the hymn. Awesome.

Our church is in the middle of a big transition right now - more on that in a few weeks.

I often call Steve just to tell him about my embarrassing moment of the day. They are pretty regular for me. If I don't have an embarrassing moment, I always have a back up "stupid thing I did."

Will you crazies please stop voting for Sanjaya?