Road Trip Recap

Daniel/SojournSo Steve and I went down to Louisville to join Tom Ascol and some other friends from Founders Ministries to discuss church planting and church planting networks with Daniel Montgomery, founding pastor of Sojourn Community Church. We finally got to see their amazing new facility and talk philosophy of ministry with Daniel, Mike Cosper and Michael Winters as it relates to art, culture and community and their art center The 930. I would love for Sojourn to put together a DVD laying out their history, philosophy and ministry. Guys? Most of our time was spent getting a crash course in church planting networks by Daniel. The men gathered are truly burdened to see and participate in the planting of confessional and missional churches, and I believe this was a very helpful meeting.

In all my interactions with various churches Sojourn is one of the best example of a strongly theological, Gospel-centered, culturally redemptive, Baptist fellowship with a fine tuned, yet constantly maturing, philosophy of ministry and leadership. If you are in or driving through Louisville be sure to check out Sojourn and the The 930.

sojourn community church

We were also able to see some friends, stop by ear x-tacy, eat some Scotch Eggs and hit the seminary book store. It was a great time. The only downsides were missing my family for a few days and enduring Steve's poorly crafted argument concerning the nature of a "redneck."