Developing Elders

Steve McCoy and I have been talking a lot about elders in the church, their development and ministry. Along the way we have been asking others for their thoughts. We had a chance to chat with Daniel Montgomery of Sojourn and he recommended 3 books: Being Leaders, Building Leaders and Leading Leaders all by Aubrey Malphurs. I thought I would throw this out there to further our thinking.

If you are a pastor/elder, church planter, etc. I would like to hear your approach to developing leadership - specifically elders - and the work elders engage in. Do you have a structure/organization chart? Do you use some kind of assessment tools? How often do you meet? What church(es) do you believe models this well? This is an open discussion, but keep in mind I am not looking for the biblical support for elders, and am not interested in that debate on this post. We have elders at Grace and believe the biblical model is to have an elder led, congregational church.