What to Watch (Pt. 3)

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Just a few last thoughts on what to watch - things that may help you choose better movies on which you can spend your time and money.

1. Content Concerns Before I take my kids to a movie, and before I see some films myself, I check the content on screenit.com. Sites like Screenit.com break down a film into its potentially objectionable parts. Language, violence, sex, frightening scenes, guns/weapons, etc. all get detailed treatment. Here's their write-up of Disturbia, a thriller that tells a story similar to the classic Rear Window. This can produce some spoilers, but for those who want to be careful it's worth it.

2. Culture Buzz Just because a film is popular does not mean it's worth watching. But, films that are generating culture buzz (attention and/or controversy producing a lot of dialog and interest) may be worth your time. These are stories that say something, explicitly or implicitly, about our culture. When seeing a movie like this, please watch it thoughtfully and critique it redempitively.

3. Christian Films Just because a film is family-oriented, or Christian, does not mean it's worth watching. In fact, my rule used to be - avoid films made by Christians. Why? Because they stink. Or stunk. The truth is more Christians are getting into the movie business and some are doing great work. Thankfully some are really using film as an art form instead of a tool simply to proselytize. Still, my advice is - be careful about Christian movies. In my experience most are not very good (I am not trying to be provocative here, but honest. I will unpack my thoughts on this topic in a future post.).

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