Alt. Sunday

Today was the first day in five years that Grace has not met on the Lord's Day. As Grace and FBC have come to an end to begin Redeemer there is no gathering at the old FBC campus this morning. We decided to do this to create a break between what we were doing and the new work God has given birth to. So our people are scattered and worshiping elsewhere this Sunday. Some went Congregational, I encouraged others to check out the solid Presbyterian churches in our area, others went non-denom and Bible Church, and at least two families tried another SBC church (The Walkes and my family). We took the opportunity to worship with Steve McCoy and friends at Calvary Baptist Church. I heard a great song I was unfamiliar with, met some very nice people, and Steve preached through Daniel 10-12 emphasizing the sovereign, redemptive plan of God throughout the ages and our own lives. Good stuff. Afterward the two fams from Redeemer spent time at Steve's eating his food and playing with his kids.Chef Attack of the Kids