Family Worship Resources

The family is a huge ministry priority for us at Redeemer because of God's emphasis on it in Scripture, and because of the number of families in our particular context. So in our infancy we are looking to develop ministries that seek to redeem and transform the family, bring the gospel to every family's center, help fathers become good fathers and mothers become good mothers. A foundational issue we are addressing early is family worship. Family worship is one of those issues many Christians simply give little thought to, but I believe it to be critically important to the spiritual health of our families and children. I am compiling a list of resources for our church members on family worship/devotions and wanted all the input I could get. I am looking for books that teach on the subject (eg. J. W. Alexander's, Thoughts on Family Worship), books to use during that time (eg. The Jesus Storybook Bible), periodicals, music, websites, articles, etc. that reflect the various ages of children in a household.

Share your favorite resources and please provide links when possible.

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