Founders Conference '07

People have been asking, so let me put it out there. I am registered for the 2007 Founders Conference, "God's Truth Abideth Still: Confronting Postmodernism" (June 26-29th). I'd prefer something more than "confronting" because postmodernism is not only something to confront. As a culture and worldview it must be redemptively engaged which means confronting and embracing it at different points (I am nit-picking). Regardless of the title, I am sure this will be a fantastic conference. David Wells is the keynote speaker. Other speakers are Tom Nettles, Tom Ascol, Roy Hargrave, Raymond Perron, and Bill Ascol. This is a great mix of pastors, professors and a church planter - all of which have a heart for God's church and world. And you cannot beat the price! Register before June 15th and get in for $60 if you are a pastor, missionary, teacher or student. $80 dollars for everyone else. If you are going to be there and want to hang out let me know. FYI: Some have drawn a caricature of the "Founders guys" which simply does not reflect the truth. Both the leadership of Founders and the people I have met at the conferences are humble, gracious and very encouraging. If you can make it, it's well worth it.