Live Photoblogging: Dinner!

When Steve and I are at the SBC we usually look for out of the way restaurants free of other messengers. A place to meet some locals and spend some time with our servers. You can't do that when the joint is packed with big men wearing little white tags. This year (the first in 7 for me) I am spending my Wednesday as I do most other Wednesdays. It's nice. After the party time at our inflatable pool, I met with a friend who is hoping/trying to rediscover the beauty of holiness. Later, we had dinner. Man, my wife is honestly the best cook I know. And she's hot. And she makes me laugh. And she's got blue hair.

Steve is back at his place, live-blogging it up, sharing his insights about all the non-SBC happenings in Woodstock. And good grief, he's wearing that stinkin' Dr. Pepper tee-shirt again!

For the record, the Simpsons pic was my wife's idea. :)