Founders Fresh!

I am staying in a hotel in Tulsa, OK for the 2007 Founders Conference. You know the Founders Conference right? This is where hyper-Calvinists gather to plot the takeover the the SBC while drinking beer, cussing, and... wait - am I confusing the Calvinists with the "missional" guys? I guess it depends on what Southern Baptist talking head you listen to. The truth is, the Founders Conference is a great time of biblical teaching, good fellowship and humble hearts. At least, that has been my experience. Yes, the teaching is coming from an Evangelical/Reformed/Baptist perspective, and I am grateful for it. There has been a lot of chatter (and slander) about the Reformed population in the SBC, and a lot of speculation concerning this more recent "resurgence" of our theological heritage. I wonder if it is because people have tired of man-centered Christianity and in their search for the truth have discovered the sovereign Redeemer of the world revealed in the Bible. Or perhaps it is because our emphasis on the inerrancy of Scripture has lead to the rediscovery of the sufficiency of Scripture which has lead to the dismissal of various speculative beliefs and the embrace of many biblical doctrines long forgotten. Is it because of God's gracious purpose in raising up men like R.C. Sproul, John Piper, Mark Dever, and others in the preaching of the true gospel of grace with great influence? Is it the precursor to revival? I don't know. But I do believe that more people, especially within our younger generations, will discover and embrace a more Reformed theology because they do not feel a sense of obligation to tradition, or title, but rather have a radical dependence on the Scripture. Instead of asking, "Is this Southern Baptist?" they are asking, "Is this right?" We should all be asking such questions and allow the Scripture to give us the answer. For the record, I believe we all need to ask this question from within every perspective. Especially within our Reformed traditions. It is far too easy to become proud and think one system has settled every question. As a Calvinist I must not ask, "Is this Reformed?" but, "Is this right?"

Anyway, I am not sure how much blogging I will be doing while here but my good friend Toe Blister will be live-blogging the whole deal. So watch his blog for all the happenings.