Repentance is not enough

It is not only repentance toward God but faith in our Lord Jesus Christ that is required for the pardoning and purging of sin, for destroying sin and saving you. Repentance is not enough, for righteousness is not by repentance, but by faith (Phil 3.9). Prayers and tears, sighs and sorrows are not our saviour; it is Jesus only who saves us from sin (Mt. 1.21). None can out our sins to death but he who died for our sins. Bring all your repentance and righteousness, and it cannot compensate or make amends for one sin. If all the angels in heaven lent you their whole stock of righteousness - and it is a great one - yet it would not do. No satisfaction could be made nor anything merited for you but by the Son of God; he and he alone is the Saviour from sin... Ralph Venning, The Sinfulness of Sin