Run Report

Most of you know I started running (106 days ago). So far I have dropped 20 lbs, leaving me with another 20 to lose. At first I could barely run around the block, but now my shortest runs are 3.1 miles and my longest are 5 miles - for now. I run at least 4 days a week. busier.jpgMy initial reasons for running were numerous: I was convicted about how I had (mis)treated the body God has given me, I was 40lbs + overweight, I wanted to feel better, and the doctor said running is one of the best things we can do to fight against a disease that has afflicted much of my family. But my reasons for running did not actually get my out the door. What actually got me running was the example of a man I know who started running a year ago. I hadn't seen him in about a year and when we ran into each other he had lost 55 lbs and had just run his first marathon - all within 9 months. The next day I started running - and I have not stopped since.

At this point I run for health, discipline, some time alone to think, to relieve stress, to use my body in a way that God has designed, but most of all I run because it brings me joy. I'm serious, I run because I love it.

I will probably offer a weekly run report sharing some of my experiences in this new discipline. I'd love to hear about your running as well. I know some of you take it seriously and have a lot of wisdom and encouragement to offer. Others, like me, are just getting started.