I finally ran a 5k (3.1 miles) in under 30 minutes. That was one of my many short-term goals in running. Now I am upping my miles so that the 5 mile run is not the long run of the week, but the "easy" run. I'm down a solid 25 lbs now and feeling great. 15 more lbs to lose and innumerable more miles to overcome. My unplugging from tech is going well and the family has noticed. With that I have been re-organizing myself and my approach to work/ministry. Scheduling certain tasks for specific times has been helpful, and I am trying out a different hack on the GTD system. I think this simpler approach will work better for me than what I was doing in the past.

I've also been working on "assimilation" stuff for Redeemer (the process of becoming a productive part of the Redeemer family, from first time visitor to ministering member). I'll be sharing this stuff as we work out the details.

For fun, check out Gaper's Block today (online Chicago zine). One of my recent photos is featured in their Rearview Section.

I use online calorie counters a lot. I came across a new one today: A Calorie Counter. It's very nice.