Pagan Christianity

Perhaps I am getting lazy (seriously, that may be part of what's going on here). Maybe I'm just bored (That is definitely a part if it). But mostly I just don't think writing about Pagan Christianity is worth what little time I have. I have read the book, and my attitude while reading it went from frustration to indifference; not because some of the criticism isn't valid, but because the huge leaps that are made from showing a corruption in practice to an outright rejection of practice is so over the top I don't believe most will find the book convincing, or even that troublesome. For example, it's one thing to suggest that churches are distracted by buildings they own but have little justification for, often treat buildings as idols, and that major change needs to happen. It's something different to suggest that owning a building is an inherent obstacle to spiritual development. The same goes for the authors' comments on preaching and pastors, and everything else in the book. Since I do not believe the book will have the impact others do, I am not compelled to continue blogging on it. For a fun and detailed look at the book check out Bob Hyatt's posts.