What's in a name?

Jen and I have always wanted a large family. We talked about the ideal number for us being 5 or so kids. Turns out God had other plans. Conception is difficult for us, and when Jen carries a baby, it is always considered "high risk." After having two, and no sign of a third on the way, we tried to adopt internationally. Our family/home situation changed when we moved my parents in with us (My father has Huntington's Disease and will need full time care eventually). This derailed our investment in and work toward adoption. We continued to pray for more children and God answered our prayer back in August - we are expecting our third. Kat LaughingWhen Jen and I had our first child we were kind of hoping for a boy. God blessed us with a little girl. Katherine Elizabeth was the first baby I ever held in my life, and she is amazing: extremely creative, funny, sensitive to the needs of others, and smart. After Katherine, I was ready to have nothing but girls. Then God gave us a son. Elias Keach is all boy: tough, smart, funny, and part ninja. Having one of each put us in a situation where we had no real preference concerning gender when we found out a few months ago that Jen is expecting again. Yesterday the docs told us we are having another girl! We are so blessed and truly marvel at how good God is to us.

@ Millennium ParkNow we're just working on a name. This is something we take pretty seriously. Katherine was given her name in honor of Katherine Parr and Katherine von Bora, wife of Martin Luther. Elias was named after Benjamin Keach's son. We have a few ideas for the newest addition, but would love to hear your thoughts. We have considered many options, and talk to the kids about it quite a bit. So far, my son's suggestion "Queen of Wonder" is the most awesome name suggestion, but I doubt that we'll go with it. I was thinking of naming her "Steve," since he's the coolest chick I know, but I don't think Jen will go for it. So, what's your favorite girl names that have cool historical background or meanings? Any names to avoid because they mean something horrible? We appreciate the input!