Work as Good Works

working on work

I am preaching a short series titled Re:thinking the Christian Life, and this Sunday's topic is "work." I have finished the bulk of my exegesis and am now reading a lot of material on the protestant work ethic, and the "reformational" concept of vocation.

The quality of our work reflects on our Creator. If we believe that our work glorifies God, then "quality control" will be come internal. This concern with quality before God is clear in Luke 10:7 'The worker is worthy of his wages.," which echoes Leviticus 19:13 and Deut 24:14-15. Work, then, is an obvious way of showing good works. C.S. Lewis tells it this way: "When our Lord provided a poor wedding party with an extra glass of wine all around, he was doing good works. But also good work; it was a wine really worth drinking." - from Alan Maben's article, God Glorified in our Calling Modern Reformation, vol. 2 num. 5