Work for the Good of Community

Okay, so I am running short on time to post my thoughts on the subject at the moment. I'll post them asap. For now, here's another quote worth reading pointed out by a friend. (Thanks Rob!)

Every job, no matter how mundane, was intrinsically important because it afforded the opportunity to glorify God and to love one's neighbor...

This faith in God's sovereign blessing on human labor produced the vaunted Puritan work ethic, which in turn made many Puritans prosperous. Since they believed God was also sovereign over their wealth, they sought to exercise good stewardship, and in particular to use their money to care for the poor. The Puritans were well known for their charity. One study of English philanthropy from the Middle Ages through the Reformation shows that it was the Puritans who made the most generous contributions to public charity. - James Montgomery Boice, Philip Graham Ryken, The Doctrines of Grace (pp. 47, 48)

This is a great quote that relates to a point I was making on Sunday; our work is an opportunity to bless the community we are a part of by bringing order, beauty, service, refreshment, etc. to the people who need it. In a very real sense, our work can be our participation in God's providential care of others. More on that later. Probably next week since I'll be at the Acts 29 Bootcamp Tuesday through Thursday.