A29 Day 2

Yesterday (Day 2) was a great time, but very busy and very cold. Mark Dever, Mark Driscoll and Scott Thomas all spoke. When/if the audio becomes available I'll link to it and encourage every to check it out. I came home last night and had tie to play chess with Kat, PS2 with Elias and have a good conversation with Jen about the Bootcamp - and we watched Biggest Loser. I have friends in Acts 29, but this was my first Bootcamp experience. What I found was very encouraging. Every person I spoke with was excited about what God is doing in and through their church (or church plant), but was equally, genuinely interested in what is happening at Redeemer. All of the men I have encountered so far have been humble, passionate and articulate. There was no elitism, arrogance or celebrity culture there at all. If you haven't been to an Acts 29 Bootcamp - you need to find the time to go.

Jen and I are going back in today for Assessment, with the hope of Redeemer becoming a strategic partner of Acts 29. I know a few of your are praying for us and the church. Thanks so much. I'll let everyone know how it goes.