A29 Assessment

Today Jen and I went back into Chicago to be assessed by Bob, Steve (not that Steve) and Kyle for Acts 29. These were three good guys I had a chance to meet earlier in the week at the Bootcamp. Jen and I have walked through an assessment before via the North American Mission Board when we planted Grace. Assessment is awkward and uncomfortable, but can be very helpful as well. A29 didn't ask if we drink alcohol or speak in tongues, but I was grilled about the nature of the gospel, soteriology, ecclesiology and church polity, areas of personal strength and weakness, struggles and failures, how I would handle pastoral situations, and about our marriage and home life - and a lot more. Very direct, specific and invasive questions. Good stuff. Even better, the feedback from the men was helpful and clarifying for me. These men will decide if we are a good fit for Acts 29 at this time. The report we'll get back is supposed to be large and detailed. I'll let you know how this all turns out. We're hoping to become a part of Acts 29, but not everyone is accepted - and we aren't taking anything for granted.