Does your church advertise?

say what? (cameraphone)

Ok, so it's nothing new, they've been talking about TV's on top of gas pumps for a while now, but I haven't seen them around here - until today. Gas Station TV sets up the boob tube at each pump of a gas station supplying local news content and limited advertising for all who are shelling out over 50 bucks to fill up the tank. I am sure there are plenty of people out there beating up American culture pointing at this as another way our restless souls are seeking distraction from our own reality. Or something like that. I tend to think of it more as an excuse to make money. Either way people seem to like it, and as an option for advertising it seems to do the job well. I am waiting to see what church shows up first on the gas pump.

It got me thinking about advertising/marketing. Where and how does your church advertise? Newspaper, TV, movie theaters, flyers, internet, mailers, door to door? Or are you opposed to any kind of marketing and only rely on the flag of joy flying high from the castle of your heart? And what about viral marketing and generating buzz? Steve and I had a chance to ask Mark Driscoll about some of his comments relating to preaching. He essentially said gospel-centered preaching that boldly and creatively confronts the culture is a biblical and effective way of generating buzz about the church. In other words, it's the fruit of good preaching. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on the subject of ads and marketing the church in general. What are you doing? What works? What doesn't? What are your convictions?