Check out Gospel and Culture

Two more things worth your time on the net, one relating to the gospel and preaching, the other to a black spot of our culture. Be sure to check out: 1. The Resurgence National Conference: Text and Context. The whole thing is being streamed live for free (yesterday, today and tomorrow).

Resurgence and Acts 29 are excited to host a premiere conference on preaching. Featured speakers include pastor/author John Piper, pastor/author Mark Driscoll, pastor Matt Chandler and author/consultant Jim Gilmore. This conference will take a hard look at the text and context both in the word of God and in the world today. The desire to be faithful to the scriptures and how the gospel is proclaimed in a lost and broken culture is paramount now, more than ever.

2. Good Magazine's video series, On Skid Row. Powerful stuff so far in the first two of five to be released (Introduction and Kids). Contains some rough language from people living in Los Angeles's skid row, so take note: this is for adults and you may need to don the headphones.