It's Monday. A day off to just hang with the fam. Jen and I get a lot of time to just chat, but we are following the advice of Mark Driscoll and are being more intentional with our time together as husband and wife on days like this. We'll do most of our thing tonight. This morning I made breakfast for kids, then Katherine did her school work with Jen while Elias and I boxed for a while. He's almost four, but is learning to keep his fists up. :)

Date with Dad (cameraphone)

Later I took Kat to Starbucks for a little date with Dad. We've done this for years, and it has always been a very special time. She wanted to talk about St. Patrick (see the cookie), the Apostle Paul, and draw monsters (also her idea). Then I journaled a bit while she colored a very beautiful garden.

Jen stopped in for a check up at the docs (everything is great!), I stayed at home and read while the kids mellowed out in their rooms.


In just a few minutes I'll be racing Elias on the PS2 and he just might school me in Crash Nitro Kart. Then the kids want to go for a run before dinner. It's family worship before the kids' bedtime, and then Jen and I get to spend the remaining hours together.