Woke up and made omelette's for the kids (Jen had cereal), and headed off to the church offices. Synced calendars with the Ministry Assistant, sat down and processed my inbox and worked through the email that built up over the weekend. Listened to Future of Forestry while working through Philippians 1:3-8. Grabbed lunch with a newcomer to Redeemer, and we talked about the gospel, our conversion experiences, our church's trajectory, and how he can plug in. While there we ran into the woman who was the first person to ever share the gospel with me. Candy was 15 back then, I was 16. Had a phone conversation with Steve about the deluge of delusional discernment floating around on the web. Dropped by Starbucks and worked a bit on a ministry paradigm for Redeemer. Later I picked up a copy of Vintage Jesus. Came home and played with the kids, Jen made a great meal, we had family worship and the kids just went to bed. Elias has been asking a lot of questions about heaven and hell. Kat has been trying to figure out the difference between real faith and false faith. I think she's getting it - by the grace of God. Now Jen and I are going to hang out, maybe watch some TV.