A Busy Weekend

After Jen gave birth to Madeline I took a week off to stay at home with the fam. It was a great week, and I not only needed it to rest with the family and help with our newborn, but to get ready for a very busy weekend. Today is Jen and my anniversary (the best 11 years of my life!). I am so blessed with grace upon grace to be married to Jen. She really is an excellent wife. Today is also Katherine's 7th birthday, so it's off to Build a Bear and other related activities. Tonight I have to run out to O'Hare and pick up Jen's mother and sisters at the International Terminal (unless I leave them stranded choosing instead to watch an awesome UFC 84 on PPV. Decisions, decisions.) Tomorrow at church we are setting apart our Deacons and Deaconesses and have a picnic afterward. A busy weekend, but a good one. I'm kicking it off with a long run - right now.