Schooled by a 4 yr Old

This spring marked the first time in 13 years where I wasn't classified as either obese or overweight. I'm now in the high end of the "normal" range. It hasn't happened quickly for me. It took a year for me to loose 40 lbs through smarter eating and running. It's a pretty comprehensive lifestyle change, and one that, though hard, has not been unpleasant. I happened to find something that worked well for me, was cheap and simple, and produced results. Look, even my ginormous head has decreased in size!

My point is that change in this area is possible, if gradual. I am still in process and know that I have a long way to go. But I also know I will be in the best shape of my life in my late 30's and 40's. Man, that's something to look forward to!

Though I'm now a runner, I am still pretty weak in many ways. There has been no cross-training or core exercises at all over the past year, and it's time for me to incorporate that into my life in order to be healthier and become a better runner.

Part of my cross-training will be the Hundred Push Up Challenge. It’s a six week program designed to get anyone to the point where they are strong enough to pump out 100 proper push-ups. I took the initial test today. Turns out I can only do... 10. I know that's pretty bad, but it didn't make me feel bad... until. I gave my four year old son the test, and he could rock out 12 legit push ups! He told me he could do 12, I said I thought he could only do 3 or 4. Turns out he knows more and can do more than me.

So, on Monday the program kicks off. I have to say, just including the Hundred Push Up Challenge makes me excited to get to work on this new aspect of healthier living. I can't wait to kick my 4 yr old's butt! Though he wants to do the program with me, and if that happens I'll probably trail him to the end.