In the Church, for the City

The elders at Redeemer Fellowship are heading out tomorrow for the Lead Conference in St. Louis, MO. This should be a fun road trip, a great opportunity to meet new friends (and meet up with old ones), and an amazing conference that will continue to help us move forward as a church. If you're there and want to hang - send me an email, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else you can find me on.

For those who can't make it, well - you're lame. But they are streaming it for free, so you can at least pretend you aren't lame by listening. Seriously, you should do whatever you can to get the audio, I am expecting very good things. You can follow my generally useless, typically superficialy, occassionally helpful Twitter feed while we're there. Mostly though I'll be making fun of Timmy Brister. I would normally be making fun of Steve McCoy, but he's at home taking care of his family.