I'm back.

I'm back at it. Blogging. It was oh-so-new and fun when I started years ago, but after a while I just felt sort of burned out. I took it easy for most of 2008, posting little real content. That break was good for me. I appreciated the encouragement to get back to it throughout the year, but I wasn't motivated and was focused on other things. But here we are in 2009, and I am ready to share more of my thoughts on theology, church, culture and life. But this blog will have an even more personal vibe than before. I'm also blogging at thesubtext.org and our church has a blog that serves as a resource for our people. So the new blog is up and running - big thanks to Chad Coleman at Dirty Blue Media for the design. He's a great guy who also does the art for many of my sermon series at Redeemer (here and here for a couple examples).

There are a few things to note here on the new blog.

New RSS feed. The old RSS feed will still work, but it will help me out if you switch to the new feed as I try to keep better tabs on who's following me. I'm using feedburner for this.

Email subscription. If you don't use a feed reader (like google reader) to keep tabs on blogs, you can subscribe to this blog via email and get updates sent to your inbox whenever I post something new. Follow the email link at the top of the page.

Book Store. Yeah, I'll have an Amazon store on the blog pointing to books I recommend. It's almost ready, but for now you can see it offsite here.

The blog design is still in Beta. There are a few kinks, so if you see notice something that isn't working or displaying properly, please let me know. We should have it running smooth very soon.