Plant & Thrive

Plant and Thrive Plant & Thrive is the upcoming Acts 29 Bootcamp in Raleigh, NC on Feb 4-5 2009. Vintage 21 is hosting this two-track conference that offers one track for those preparing to plant, and a second track for those 1-4 years in. This looks fantastic.

Check out the tracks, speakers and subjects:

Track 1 - For all potential A29 church planters Mark Driscoll Wayne Grudem - Gospel Centered Reformed Theology Danny Akin - Preaching the Gospel Scott Thomas - The Biblical Mandate on the Man Andreas Kostenberger - The Effects of Planting on Family & Self Mark Driscoll & Wayne Grudem - Q & A Tyler Jones - Mission Rises out of Community Ed Marcelle - Mission Rises out of Discipleship Daniel Montgomery - Our Mission Mark Driscoll

Track 2 - For planters in years 1-4 Jason Roberts and Chris Atwell - Coaching Introduction Elliot Grudem - Leadership Development: Elders, Deacons, Volunteers Mark Driscoll - Q & A Jamie Munson & Nate Williams - Systems & Structures TBA - Strategic Planning Jamie Munson, et al. - Q & A TBA - Small Groups Chris Atwell - Assimilation to Membership Wayne Grudem - Q & A TBA - Children’s Ministry / Funding / Holistic Justice Jason Roberts - Debriefing: Long Term Implementation Mark Driscoll

Breakout Sessions Wives’ Track Fundraising Parachuting Leadership 1 Systems & Structures Leading the Mission Leadership 2

Here's a detailed breakdown of the schedule. There are some great conferences out there, and Acts 29 Bootcamps is one of the best. If you want to be edified and network with great people sign up for this one.