Anthro Groups

anthrogroupmeeting This morning I met with some of the men of Redeemer Fellowship. Earlier this month we launched Anthro, our men's ministry that aims at helping our men to "live, love and lead" the way God has designed. As we have been developing our systems in the church for discipleship, we wanted a process that would be profitable, managable, and streamlined. This first year will cover basic doctrine, its connection to the gospel, and our lives as men. The year is broken down into 3 trimesters.  This first trimester (Jan-March) we are using part of Grudem's Bible Doctrine and Keller's The Prodigal God. We also handed out supplemental reading in the form of a "reader" for each trimester. This first reader has material from Thomas Watson, Octavious Winslow, Drew Goodmanson, Darrin Patrick, Michael Horton, and others. We have two groups that meet every other week. One group meets early Tuesday morning before work, and the other group meets Saturday mornings.

The men are excited about these gatherings, and the discussions have been great. At this early stage in our church's life, this is a good fit for us, but I'm always interested in what others are doing to disciple the men at their churches, so please share.