Pastoral Fellowship 09

Over 2 years ago I mentioned the first meeting of a few local pastors - Steve McCoy, Jamie Page, Scott Eaton and I. We became friends and began meeting monthly. We did this for a while but eventually life and busyness got the better of us and we slipped out of the habit of meeting. We re-established this practice today and brought in a new friend, Ryan Huguley. I am blessed to have godly leaders at Redeemer with whom I get to serve, and I am blessed to be friends with these pastors of other churches in the Chicagoland area. Here are some cameraphone shots and some of what we talked about. Jamie's new business card is so awesome you actually hear "boom" when it pulls one out.

Jamie is making a lot of connections as he shares the gospel in DeKalb where he's planting The Church in DeKalb. So we spent some time talking with him about his habits, fruit and frustrations in this area. Good stuff and encouraging to us all. We're all working on "doing the work of an evangelist."

Ryan is planting a new church in Schaumburg and already has a solid core group.

We wound up talking through the issue of how to lead believers into meaningful church "membership," and what classes and expectations should look like. This is something we're all developing, testing, or tweaking in one way or another. Ryan and Jamie are working out core group development, commitment, etc. I am leading our first membership class (Redeemer Orientation) this Saturday. Post is forthcoming.

Steve is both leading his church through a restart (Now Doxa Fellowship)

We laughed a lot, worked through practical/theological issues, and learned from one another. It's encouraging to hear what God is doing in each others lives, families and churches. We are very different guys going through different stages of life, family and leadership, but we share a common faith and real friendship.

Scott's church is bigger than the other four congregations combined.

So we had two restarts represented, two new plants, and one established church that has found new health through theological and practical reform. We've already set the date for the next gathering, and are looking forward to sharpening each other. 2009 is an exciting year. God is doing so much in so many churches, I love that we can get together and share it all.

Yeah buddy, this is what happens when you make faces at the camera.