Weekend Review

The weekend is over and I'm looking forward to relaxing this evening, watching the Super Bowl. Sort of. I don't even know who's playing.  A red team and a black team. I think. Anyway, it was an enjoyable weekend. Here's a recap.


On Saturday we had our first membership class, called Redeemer Orientation. 10 of us packed into my office and walked through Gospel, Church and Mission. 3 sessions, one day. We'll tweak this with each new group, but our first time went very well. Orientation is required for those seeking membership at Redeemer.


That evening a bunch of the men went over to Rob's (one of our worship leaders) to watch UFC 94. Appropriately enough he was sporting a black eye of his own. Great "co-main events" and the men who should have won did - soundly. Most shocking moment of the night: Jamie's wife made chocolate covered bacon. For real. Real good!


Sunday morning Redeemer gathered for worship, and the service was centered around the imago dei (The image of God: in us, marred through sin, and restored in Christ). We celebrated communion where those thirsty for grace and hungry for righteousness find it in the gospel.  Rob (yeah, that Rob) introduced a new hymn to the body, "Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy." Jen and I love that one and it was great hearing the church learn something new. err... old. You know what I mean. Worship concluded with a song of meditation/confrontation. Rob sang Derek Webb's T-shirts. Very appropriate and challenging.


After worship a a large portion of the church stayed to set up for our mercy ministry that runs tomorrow night where we distribute clothing, small household appliances and toys to families in need. It's great ministry to the disadvantaged and it's a growing part of what we do together as a church.


So now I'm watching Robin Hood with my kids It's a perfect end to a great weekend. Of course, you know all these details if you follow my Twitter, but I felt like posting a recap.