3 Things On The Agenda

stuff for tonightThe kids are in bed, Jen's working on a project upstairs, and I have a 3 things I need to get into tonight. The leadership at Redeemer is re-thinking advertising and marketing. Kevin Cawley knew this and recommended Seth Godin's book Permission Marketing. Actually, Steve McCoy recommended it to me first, but I wasn't listening. That happens a lot. In fact most of the cool things I "discover" are things Steve told me about months earlier. True.

I'm also excited to get into Matthew Elliott's book, Feel: The Power of Listening to Your Heart. I met with Matthew today for coffee and we had a good discussion about church life and the place feelings ought to have in the Christian life. I am huge Edward's fan, and his treatise on Religious Affections was formative for me, so I'm more than curious about Matthew's book. It is endorsed by some really solid people and I'm happy to finally get into the book.

Of course, everything goes better with coffee that I make in my press, and I am trying out Starbucks Italian Roast.