Music: Passover

Just now going to bed. Up a little late tonight, but was blessed by this song, Passover, arranged and performed by Red Letter for Mars Hill Church. Give it a listen, lyrics below. (If you're reading this via a feed reader come to the blog to listen to the music.)


Verse 1 Pass over me, let your wrath pass over me. May your grace stay with me and your mercy. Take all of me, let me glorify you! For your glory, let it be manifest to all.

Chorus Take the first of my thought Take the first of my time Take the throne of my heart

Verse 2 Paint my doorway with the blood of the Lamb A sacrifice for all who dwell within You gave your word, and took it to the grave For your glory, let it be manifest to all.

Bridge Crush all other gods, you alone sit on the throne Take me, take my all – Father take me, take me home On my, on my way – on my way back, way back home

-------------------------------- Words and Music by Team Strike Force Arrangement by Red Letter