Vote for my Blog

So Tony over at SBC Voices is doing this March Madness thing for blogs that are somehow connected to the SBC. I think the March Madness has something to do with college sports (basketball?), but I wouldn't have a clue. If it doesn't involve the muay thai clinch, good stand up, or sick submissions - I admit full on ignorance. I'm not a sports dude. But I do blog, and apparently I am included in this March Madness contest, competition, popularity contest. So, here's the deal. Head over to SBC Voices and vote in the 4 divisions. I would appreciate it if you would vote for me (Joe Thorn) in the Midwest division, Steve McCoy in the Western division, and Subtext in the Southern division. It's quick and easy. This first round of voting ends in a week. The winner at the end of the whole thing will receive a $313 gift card to Westminster Book. I don't think I have the best chance of winning, but if I do I will be buying books to give to blind children.