Note to Self

Dear Self, Like Israel, you tend to forget the most basic things. Important things. You need constant reminders. So, find ways to remind yourself about these things that matter. If you aren't intentionally setting the truth before yourself you will forget.

You'll forget what you were (a slave to sin, a child of wrath, a dead man walking). You'll forget what you are (a disciple of Christ, a child of God, a new creation). You'll forget what you are made for (the glory of God, the good of my neighbors). You'll forget what you're sent to do (make Christ known, make disciples). You'll forget it all.

And when you forget these things - you get into trouble. So erect something like "memorial stones" that will remind you of all these things (and more). Get back to personal journaling, preach these things to yourself, share them with your kids, and help others to see and savor them wherever you can.