Note to Self: Hate Well

Dear Self, Do not neglect cultivating hatred - an intense hatred for the right things. Authentic love and zeal for God will produce abhorrence for all that stands opposed to Him and His purposes. Genuine love for your neighbor will produce within you antipathy against all that robs them of their dignity, and leads them away from God. Do you hate pride and arrogance? Injustice and the way of evil? Hurtful speech? Do false gospels and false teachers create a holy hostility in you? Do you hate works righteousness and the false promise of peace with God through performance? And what about your own sin? Do you really hate it for what it is, or do you simply dislike its unpleasant consequences?

If you follow Jesus, cherish the gospel, and love God and neighbor you will hate well. If you do not hate, you will find yourself more susceptible to temptation, slower to respond to corruption, and unmotivated to contend for the faith. Hate is a real part of your faith - don't forget it.