Note to Self: Live

Ok man, put down that Italian Roast and listen up. This may be the last day of your life, and that is something that you need to seriously consider today, and every day that God gives you. This could be the last day you drink that coffee, sit in that chair, or listen to your favorite music. This might be the last day to kiss your wife, play with your kids, or demonstrate who Jesus is to them in word and deed. You know Edward's resolutions, but do you live them?

#06 - "Resolved, to live with all my might, while I do live." #17 - "Resolved, that I will live so, as I shall wish I had done when I come to die."

You need to do more than exist. You were made to really live. And serious thought of the possibility that today could be your last causes you to rethink your words, actions and even attitudes. This is good. But there are two things you need to keep in mind.

1. You need to maintain this possibility. Carry it with you as much as is possible without becoming morbid and morose. This thought should not produce an unhappy spirit, but an urgent one.

2. You must understand that your last day needn't be spent on your knees in secluded prayer in an attempt to "get right with God." Why? Because of the gospel. Don't miss this. If today is your last day, you are about to meet your Maker and Redeemer, and if Christ has died for your sins than you have full pardon and acceptance by God. If today is your last, God intends for you to make the most of all that he has given you. In other words, pick up that cup of coffee, but enjoy it as a gift from God. Serve your family as your first ministry. Choose your words carefully - you are speaking to people God has brought into your life for a reason. Repent of known sin, believe in the gospel, and find your confidence in Jesus. Don't waste your time. If this is your last day do you really want to blow your time coveting, complaining, lying, lusting, boasting in yourself or tearing down others? Of course you shouldn't want to do this on any day, but the thought that this might be your last day can help you keep it all in perspective.

God has not promised you tomorrow, but he has given you right now. Make the most of it. Live. Live with purpose and earnestness and do all things in faith, so that whatever you are doing it is done for the glory of God. And there's another angle to consider - that of a long life. Don't forget to remind yourself of that possibility in the near future.