Kilian Atticus Thorn

Today, June 26th, at 2:23pm Jen gave birth to our fourth child, Kilian Atticus. Jen said this was the easiest of all four. Quick and easy. Our second son is named after Saint Kilian, and the fictional character Atticus Finch. St. Kilian was a 7th century Irish missionary who was called by God to preach the gospel in Germany and was martyred for his faith. Even as a boy Kilian was known to be spiritually-minded and a student of the Scriptures.

Atticus is the lead character in To Kill a Mockingbird, one of our favorite books and films. Wikipedia has a nice summary of his character,

Atticus is To Kill a Mockingbird's most upright character, representing the moral ideal of both a lawyer and a human being: he is brutally honest, highly moral, a tireless crusader for good causes (even hopeless ones), a virtual pacifist and, for the most part, devoid of any of the racial or class prejudices afflicting the other citizens of Maycomb. He goes to great pains to instruct his children on the importance of being open-minded, judicious, generous neighbors and citizens. He is eventually revealed to be an expert marksman, but he had chosen to keep this fact hidden from his children so that they would not in any way think of him as a man of violence. He was once the best shot in Maycomb County, but quit shooting because he felt he had an unfair advantage.

Welcome to the world Kilian!