Incarnation and Restoration

Our sermon series through the Apostles' Creed takes us to the virgin birth and the incarnation this Sunday. It's like Christmas in July! Of course, "God with us" is not a seasonal sentiment. It is the promise of the gospel. James Dodds said it this way,

In being born, Jesus assumed the nature of humanity, and, in so doing, more than restored to man the likeness to God which our first parents lost, for themselves and their descendants, through the Fall. He thereby made it possible for God to dwell with man, and for man to rise into communion with God. Sin had effaced the Divine image, and no other than the Son of God could give back to men the power to reflect in their own lives the character of God. His possession of the human nature gives us confidence in approaching Him, by assuring us of His brotherhood and sympathy; while His possession of the Divine nature assures us that He can make His brotherhood and sympathy effectual. - Exposition of the Apostles' Creed, James Dodds

You can download the Incarnation poster from The Resurgence here.