The Suffering Savior

Over the years I have really enjoyed and been blessed by Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher's The Suffering Savior. It has often been helpful for meditation the night before worship. Tonight I was reading the chapeter, "Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani!" In it he unpacks Jesus' well known cry, and then helpfully applies it to us as believers who are united to Christ. Near the end of the chapter he says,

Though we may be abandoned by the world's favor, the friendship of men, earthly prosperity, and bodily strength, though we may even be bereft, as may possibly be the case, of the feeling of God's nearness, and the freshness of the inward life of faith; yet God himself always continues near and favorably inclined to us in Christ. However strangely he may sometimes act toward us, into whatever furnace of affliction he may plunge us, however completely he may withdraw himself from our consciousness, yet in every situation the blissful privilege belongs to us, not only courageously to approach him, and say, " Why dost thou forsake me, thy child, for whom thy Son has atoned?" but also to say to him with still bolder confidence, "Thou wilt not, canst not, and darest not forsake me, because the merits of thy only-begotten Son forever bind thee to me."

- The Suffering Savior

You can read it via Google Books for free here, but it's one of those books I believe you will benefit from holding in your hands.