Page CXVI, A Light in the Darkness

Last night Page CXVI played a live show at a secular venue where our first church plant, The Church in DeKalb, is located-- DeKalb, IL. We at Redeemer and TCD love Page CXVI, so this was a show many of us were looking forward to. My two oldest children wanted to come along to hear the band, which really excited me because this meant saying no to Friday night movie night, and instead opting for a hymn night. As the band played I couldn't stop smiling and singing along. These are some of the most powerful songs written by the church, and Page CXVI's arrangements of these classic hymns are creative and moving. The gospel was being sung, truly heralded, in a spiritually dark place. I guess shouldn't have been surprised when a man who had been sitting in the back starting screaming and writhing. A glass shattered, he sat up and bolted out of the place.

It happened very quickly, but something serious had just gone down. My 9 year old daughter was starting to cry, and Elias was shocked. I asked Molly (Steve McCoy's wife) to watch my two, in addition to her four (she's a Super Mom), and Steve and I headed outside after the guy.  He was gone.

We went back inside, Page CXVI finished the song, and asked from the stage about the man. Was he okay? We said that he was gone, and the vocalist explained to the crowd that these songs about God make some people upset. "But we're going to keep singing."

My kids are pretty sensitive (they take after their mother), and they were really shaken by the brief interruption. We stayed for a couple more songs, but they wanted to leave and talk about what happened. We had a great conversation about  the gospel, and why we sing it; the devil, and demonic oppression; and how Jesus sets people free. We prayed for the young man who ran out.

We missed the end of the show last night, but what we saw was amazing. Page CXVI sounded better than I thought they would live.  Powerful, beautiful, Christ-exalting stuff. If you don't have their first two albums, Hymns, and Hymns II, you are missing out. You can order CD's or download digital copies here.

[photo of Page CXVI by Brian Malcolm]