Theology for the Church: Defined

What is theology? It is commonly defined as the study of God, or the science concerning God. God is the object of theology. I love the words of Thomas Aquinas who said, "Theology is taught by God, teaches God, and leads unto God." His words are important, because when we think of theology merely as study it can encourage us to think of it as a personal, intellectual exercise. Theology, for many of us, is simply about getting our doctrine right, and has little connection to experience. I often encourage people to think of theology as a kind of "God talk," because the truth of God is meant to be articulated, spoken, shared-- heralded! Theology is not just what you read in books (or The Book), or know in your mind. You aren't really doing theology unless you are experiencing and sharing the truth with others. This is why God gave us the Scripture. God has revealed himself in his word that we might know him and make him known. This, I believe is theology; knowing God and making him known.